Wanna say goodbye to acne? How long you wash your face matters

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I stumbled on some interesting research the other day about circulation and the health benefits of deep tissue massage. Massage increases circulation which promotes waste elimination of the cells and revascularization (the building and strengthening of blood vessels). One of the reasons women suffer from cellulite is because that particular type of fat build-up is almost completely void of blood flow. If you ask a professional, they’ll tell you that it’s not the cellulite cream that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, it’s the massage action which helps create blood flow to those areas of the body. Think about this science applied to your face; massaging your skin will help reduce redness, eliminate the red marks left from acne, and decrease inflammation.

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One Comment to “Wanna say goodbye to acne? How long you wash your face matters”

  1. A very interesting&informative post which adds to what we say in our post on acne: https://prakritiherbals.wordpress.com/2012/03/17/herbal-natural-remedies-for-acne/
    So thought I would share it with you………

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