Review: Prakriti Herbals revitalising fruit pack


9 Comments to “Review: Prakriti Herbals revitalising fruit pack”

  1. Well,just thought why make you wait for the ingredient list on our new labels-so here goes 😉
    Natural Pampering Ingredients:
    > Extracts of papaya((Carica papaya)
    > Extracts of Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa),
    > Cucumber(Cucumis sativus) extracts
    > Aloevera juice(Aloe barbadensis)
    > Fuller’s earth(Multani Mitti)
    > Glycerine
    >Food grade safe edible preservatives 0.1%
    >Perfume 0.1%
    Distilled Water

    You will also be pleased to know that we are looking at a softer tube for the pack as a lot of our fans have shared the same feedback as well.Will look into making it more creamy-we are always looking to further improve the product &all the encouragement only inspires us to do more!!:)

  2. Wow!!@Kofykat-so happy to know that you found our fruity facepack refreshing & it made your skin soft and glow as well….Our loya fans have reported removal of tan&blackheads when used regularly,so you could try it for yourself as well over 2-4 weeks.
    Honestly,Your very candid review matters even more,because I can guess from your earlier blogs that you are someone who believes in calling a spade a spade;)….lol … the honest opinions carry even more weightage
    Yes,we have priced at around 80 Rs for a 60ml tube,because we believe that nature should be easily available to everyone,and need not be simply priced just to hype it up;) Value for money is what we believe in,it’s the results that matter more to us!!
    As promised,we will be giving the detailed ingredient list when we formally launch the products-right now they are available at our outlet in Bangalore or & can be ordered on our page

  3. I’d like to try it out considering I get tanned very easily! Where can I find a tube?

  4. will be great to know how can i place an order

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