Contest Time!!!Win a fabulous gift hamper of natural products!!

Prakriti Herbals and Colorific India brings to you a golden opportunity to grab a mini facial kit for yourself.

About Prakriti Herbals

“Prakriti Herbals” is a name synonymous with nature and goodness of Ayurveda. Mankind has always turned back to Mother Earth for cures and that is Prakriti –Nature. At Prakriti Herbals, We believe in the Vedanta philosophy, which emphasizes that nature has always provided an abundance of plants, roots, flowers and herbs rich in vitamins, enzymes, proteins and minerals that have been used in body and skin-care from time immemorial.More details about the benefits &ingredients of these natural products on
For Product reviews on these excellent products please check out  :

Revitalizing Fruit pack

Exfoliating Walnut Scrub

Soothing Rose gel

1. Like  both the Facebook fan pages:

a) Colorific India

b) Prakriti Herbals

2. Tag Colorific and Prakriti Herbals in your Facebook status.”Win Prakriti Herbals Hamper on Colorific”

3. Answer a few simple questions

a).Name any two products in the Prakriti Herbals mini facial gift hamper and reason why you like them.

b).Name any two products which contain hibiscus in Prakriti Herbals hair care range.

Optional Entries.

1. Follow Colorific India through twitter. @colorificindia

2. Follow Prakriti Herbals blog

The contest is open to Indian residents only.

The last day to submit your entries is 30 June 2012.

What are you waiting for !Grab this fabulous opportunity now!!!

16 Responses to “Contest Time!!!Win a fabulous gift hamper of natural products!!”

  1. Sounds pretty good.

  2. Q1- I have like both of your page Prakriti herbals & Colorific India.
    Q2-I have tag already.
    Q3-Answer- 1-Papaya strawberry Aleo vera Face Pack 2- Strawberry arnika aleo vera Purifying Face wash
    I like them Becoz it has herbal product I’ve fair-wheatish, oily-combination skin and get very easily tanned. Last year I was searching for some detan products in market and the SA started telling me about this home facial kit from prakriti herbalfacial kit and i used it I never noticed this earlier freshness & faifness that why i likt it very much.
    Q4- 1- Hibiscus Shampoo.2-Hrbal amla brahmi hibiscus shampoo.

  3. 1. I liked both prakriti herbals and colorific pages on FB
    2. I have tagged and posted regarding the contest on my FB page
    3. a. rejuvenating fruit pack and soothing alovera rose gel, I used these two products and have got very very good results
    b. hibiscus shampoo and herbal hair oil

  4. Q1- I have like both of your page Prakriti herbals & Colorific India.
    Q2-I have tag
    QA -Answer- 1- Strawberry Aloevera Arnica Face Wash 2-Papaya strawberry Aleo vera Face Pack

    Why answer for – Strawberry Aloevera Arnica Face Wash –
    Strawberry Aloevera Arnica Face Wash refreshes my face as well as its helps control of my face acne and pimples . Aloevera juice makes my skin soften.
    Why answer for – Papaya strawberry Aleo vera Face Pack –
    Papaya was rightly called the fruit of the angels. It is truly a powerhouse bursting with natural nutrients for the skin. Papaya is an extremely rich source of Vit C,Vit A ,anti oxidants.
    This papaya,aloevera is my all time favorite natural face pack to get back the glow instantly. I like fair complexion too.
    QB- ans- 1 Herbal amla brahmi hibiscus shampoo. 2 . Hibiscus Shampoo.

  5. I love the Eco-friendly yet stylish brown hamper of the Prakriti Herbals pretty products. I have done all the steps…

    1)was already on Colorific, liked the Prakriti Herbals page too..

    2 ) here is the status link :

    3) The 2 products in the Prakriti Herbals mini facial kit that I like the most are Exfoliating Walnut Scrub and Revitalizing Fruit Pack. I love the fruit pack because first of all, it is 100% herbal, there are so many companies out there that say herbal but may not completely be.. the 100% herbal looks so good and reassuring that my skin can’t wait to try it out ! I also love the core ingredients of the fruit pack – Papaya ( great natural exfoliating agent), Strawberry is filled with antioxidants for that bright ripe freshness on my face, cucumber and aloe vera for their cooling and glowing properties… actually i love eating these fruits, so i m sure my skin will love eating them too ! 🙂 I like the Exfoliating Walnut Scrub because Walnut brads are gentle in their action while helping removing dead skin .. and aloevera is great for the after glow effect !

    4) 2 products that contain Hibiscus in the Prakriti Herbals Hair Care range are Herbal Amla Brahmi Hibiscus Shampoo and Ayurglow’s Hibiscus Shampoo.

    Hope to make this pretty hamper mine !

  6. And i am following the blog too.. optional extra entry 🙂

  7. done all the rules.. 1 ) liked both the pages.

    2) here is the status link for the tag :

    3 a ) I like the Rejuvenating Facepack because it really is rejuvenating as it is filled with natural ingredients like fruits ( papaya, strawberry, cucumber and aloevera). In today’s stressful times, rejuvenation is a must.. and I like this face pack for that. I also like the Soothing Rose Gel as I personally love the rose fragrance.. am also using rose face wash and so the soothing rose gel with aloe vera seems perfect for me!

    b) Ayurglow’s Hibiscus Shampo and Herbal Amla Brahmi Hibiscus Shampoo.

    also following your blog thru my email id.

  8. i commented yesterday but my comment is still now showing… ?


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