Support “Speak For Sasha” – A Cause against Cruelty to Animals


Come & Support the  “Speak for Sasha” Event  in Namma Bengaluru
Sasha is  a 4 year old beagle rescued from a testing laboratory. Her vocal cords were cut to prevent her from screaming in pain when
being experimented on. She was one of 102 beagles rescued from a laboratory which experimented on animals. She was adopted by Chintana Gopinath who has now spearheaded the cause against cruelty to animals by launching the movement” Speak for Sasha”
to spread awareness and ensure that this inhuman behaviour and cruelty  has to stop!!
As a part of this movement, The Speak For Sasha Event will be held in Namma Bengaluru on the 29th of  June .
It will showcase brands that do not test on animals , or use harmful chemicals and proudly wear the Made in India Tag.
At Prakriti Herbals we are proud to be  a brand which has never tested on animals and never will!!!
Our natural products,which are free from harmful chemicals and naturally reduce hair loss, dandruff , frizziness ,acne, pigmentation, dark circles,eczema and other skin and hair problems will be showcased as part of the “Speak For Sasha” event.
We would like to further support the event by giving a  10% discount on our cruelty free natural skincare and hair care products to all
the guests who attend the event .
So do show your support & attend the event ,and  spread awareness about the campaign against cruelty to animals.

speak for sasha poster

More details at  Speak for Sasha and Prakriti Herbals 


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