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August 23, 2017

Top Beauty Hacks

Refreshing Beauty Hack

After cleansing your face, lightly rub an ice cube, wrapped in cloth over your face to help keep the skin cool and oil free during summer. This also helps in reducing production of sebum and sweat.


Cat Eye Beauty Hack

Worried about how to get the perfect cat eye? Use a credit card to make a full proof line while applying the liner or eye pencil. It will give you a stunning cat eye look with utmost perfection.

Lip Balm Beauty Hack

For dry lipped women, apply lip balm to your lips before starting your makeup. By the time you apply lipstick as a final touch, it will have time to work its magic, leaving your lips soft and pumped up.

No-Makeup Makeup Hack:

Darken light eyelashes using a liquid eyeliner for a no-makeup look. Just hold the eyeliner vertically and color your lashes starting from the base of the eyelashes towards the ends.

Broken Eye Shadows Hack:

Do not throw away your broken eye shadows. Instead, turn them into lip-gloss. Crush the broken eye shadow pieces into powder and then mix it with petroleum Jelly. It will give you any color lip-gloss you want.

Nail Art Beauty Hack:

The best way to hide flaky or chipped nail polish is to paste some sparkling glitter on it. It looks pretty and lasts for much longer.