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September 12, 2018

Beauty care tips while traveling

Beauty  care tips while traveling

Does your skin feel tired & dull and hair feels dry & frizzy when you complete a long journey?

Practice good habits while traveling to reach your destination refreshed and glowing!

Here are some useful &easy beauty tips for you to follow when you travel.

  1. Air travel tips

1.Air travel tips

Air travel tips

  • Even if it is a short flight we end up with visibly dull dry skin-drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • When you take a long flight, take off the makeup as soon as you start the journey. Carry wet type makeup removing wipes.
  • You can spritz mist sprays like rose water all over the face. This will hydrate the skin and form a protective barrier against the dry air in the cabin.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages on the flight
  • Carry a small moisturizer(30 ml) with you and reapply on the flight.
  • For Haircare: Apply a small drop of your favorite hair oil in the palm of your hand and apply to the midshafts and ends. The air in planes is extremely dry and hair oil will provide moisture throughout the flight.


  1. When traveling to dry climates.

  • If you are traveling to any dry areas like Rajasthan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or even Egypt – your skin and hair need utmost attention.
  • Traveling here can affect the skin and hair due to factors like humidity, dryness in the air, harsh Sunlight in these regions.


When travelling to dry climates.

When traveling to dry climates.


  • Carry small bottles of gel-based cleansers or spritz toners, micellar based cosmetics, as it is travel-friendly.
  • Lighter moisturizers can be used. Avoid thick, heavy creams.
  • Try using natural products with aloe vera which moisturizes and helps to maintain a glow.
  • Just as you would with your skin you need to put protection on your hair. Either with a hat, headscarf or some UV protecting spray, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t overheat and burn.


  1. Tips to brave colder climates.

If you’re zipping off to the Himalayas or vacationing in cold hilly areas there are some precautions that need to be taken. Surprisingly, the same factors that cause the skin to dry out in desert regions cause the skin to dry in cold regions.

Tips to brave colder climates.

Tips to brave colder climates.

– You might be tempted to take bath in hot water but you should use lukewarm water. Hot water dries the skin and strips natural oils from the surface of the skin.

– For winter skin care, add a rich hydrating serum before applying the moisturizer or night cream.

– Use lip balm rich in oils and moisturizing eye cream for the under eye region.

– Apply aloe vera gel several times a day for 24 hours moisturizing.

– Make sure you pack a small bottle of your preferred dry shampoo for hair care, which smoothens your hair.